Right Path

Reena : Sir, what is the right path? Is there any right path? Should one follow the right path?

Answer : Reena, you have asked the right question. There is only one question, if you are born as a human being, to be asked. And only one question a human being should ask through entire his life and this question is “Is there a right path?”. Once he gets the answer to this question, he will never ask any question in his life forever. Because the very purpose of being born as human being is to know and tread this right path. Once he knows this right path he will be silent for his rest of life and follow this right path to silently till he achieves his very goal of coming to this earth and taking the birth as human being. Since, he knows the right path so there will be none to distract him from his right path. He will go on treading his right path though his relatives, friends neighbor will follow the wrong path.

Before knowing the right path you should know the wrong path. Because, if you cannot know before hand what the wrong path is you will be trapped in the wrong path and you will never know that you are in the wrong path till your departure from this earth – the Supreme School and Laboratory to realize you true Nature – comes and the very your infinite toiling of your previous lives would be lost. Secondly, if you know the wrong paths very well in advance then you would take necessary precautions and remedial measures to keep yourself safe from not falling in the wrong path.

The very base or soul of the society is Fear. Fear is the soul on which the society thrives. Since the society is based on fear so the society will always instruct you not to talk about wrong path. Since you birth through out your childhood it will try to hypnotize you, train you, encourage you, exploit you not to think about the wrong path. Society will instruct you “SEE NOT EVIL. SPEAK NOT EVIL. DO NOT EVIL.” Thus society will implant in your pure unspoiled hearth the seed that you should not see, analyse, criticize, understand and realize the wrong path. Because once society finds that you have recognized the wrong path to be wrong then you will no longer remain follower of the wrong path. You will revolt. Your revolt will destabilize the very foundation of the society.

You will always be guided and guarded by your true knowledge of right path.


তেওেঁলোক যিসকল  জ্ঞানী, ধ্যানী, অধ্যৱসায়ী আৰু

 সদা নিৰৱচ্ছিন্নভাৱে অগ্ৰগামী

লাভ কৰে সেই পৰমসুখ, নিব্বান,

ভয়ৰ পৰা পৰম মুক্তি

(ধম্মপদ শ্লোক ২৩)

বুদ্ধই দেখুৱাই থৈ যোৱা অষ্টমাগ^ত চেষ্টা কৰি লাভ কৰিৱলগীয়া এক মাত্ৰ আদশ^ হৈছে আত্মজ্ঞানলোপদ্ধি যি নিব্বানলৈ লৈ যায়। নিব্বান লাভ কোনো লোক বা তত্বত বিশ্বাস বা আধিভৌতিক কত্তা^ই দিৱ নোৱাৰে। ধ্যানীয়ে কৰা আত্ম-প্ৰচেষ্টাৰ জৰিয়তে লাভ কৰা অন্ত^দৃস্তিৰ দ্বাৰাহে নিব্বান লাভ হয়। 

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