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WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


  • Preamble to the Constitution of India

Since time immemorial India is a country of Vision. Vision of not just ordinary material gains but a Vision of Fullness in every sphere of life – physical, material, mental, psychological, health, cultural, scientific, spiritual, etc. This Vision has been given to the world by some of the Rarest of the Rare Gems of India to the World like – Tathagata Buddha, Tirthankar Mahavir, Adi Shankararya, Guru Nanak, Srimanta Shankar Dev, Ajan Fakir, Rama Krishna Paramhamsha, Ramana Maharshi, Vivekananda, Sirdi Sai Baba – in the spiritual field; Kautiliya in economic field; the Great Ashoka and the Great Akbar – in ancient and medieval political field; Charak and Shushruta – in health care field; Aryabhatta in mathematics; Mahatma Gandhi, Bharat Ratna Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Bharat Ratna Jawarharlal Nehru, Bharat Ratna Dr. Baba ShebAmbedkar – in social reforms and modern political field; Nobel Laureate Kaviguru Ravindra Nath Tagore – in literature field; Nobel Laureates C. V. Raman, in physics, Dr. Har Gobind Khorana (Medicine), Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (physics), Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (Chemistry), Dr.Amrtya Sen (economics), Sri Kailash Satyarthi (social service).  India is really proud of Her past!

But unfortunately, with a few exception, we see a decline in the present Indian paradigm; we do not find such examples – rather to say unfortunately in every field! As a modern progressive deep thinker, when I try to find the reasons of our present decline in quality, I find that there is a great flaw in our very upbringing and educational system in which we are totally deprived of our naturally given gift of adapting to the changes around us through innovative thinking and continuous development.


A question always disturbs me like a nightmare – “How can we regain our past glory of being a Visionary Leader to the world? How can we survive industriously and honestly in this competitive situation and environment of the world?”

Our Visionary Ancestors who experienced the Truth, Beauty, Bliss advised us – आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः ( Aa no bhadraaH kratavo yantu vishvataH ) Let good (thoughts) come from everywhere, from all the world.

Accordingly when I search for the good though for motivation of a live model for this, my inner eye turns to the Eagle – the best example of surviving for the fittest of the bird’s kingdom! Personally, I hope these characteristics of the Eagle will guide us, motivate us throughout our life for regaining our previous forefathers’ position of Leaders of the Progressive Bliss Loving World.

Eagle’s Visible Leader’s Qualities

Vision – Eagle’s First and Foremost Survival Strength

If you ever have had the occasion of seeing an eagle (in Discovery or any other Animal shows of TV channels) sitting high on a tree or cliff of a stiff mountain through the lens of the photographer, you might have seen that the eagle is very much attentive in observing any dynamic movements around it.  Its body sits still and the head is turned side to side to keenly observe what is happening below, around and above and below it. Eagles have a keen vision. Scientifically speaking the eagle’s eyes are specially designed for long distance focus and clarity. They can spot another eagle soaring from 80 kmaway!

Have a Vision. The Ashoka the Great had a Vision to unite Bharatvarsha under one ruler that too not through constriction and control with military power but through love, respect, cooperation and development under the Supreme Precepts of Mahatma Buddha. Akbar the Great had a Vision of uniting Hindustan under one roof with love, respect and cooperation among all the people so that all religious people can live peacefully practicing their respective religion and belief with tolerance and no hindrance from one another. Mahatma Gandhi had the vision of a Free India. He struggled against all odds of the Tyrant British Rulers through the most dangerous, depressing, weak period of Mother India in our national history.

A strong Vision is a must to guide and lead yourself to achieve not only your personal goals but also your societal goals. The vision must be to the point, big, practical, achievable and focused. A practical, achievable big, focused vision will produce big results.

Fearlessness – Soul Power of Eagle

A person is called living when he has a soul and if the soul leaves his body he becomes dead.  A dead person can do nothing. Anybody can do anything with a dead body. When a person becomes fearful he loses his soul power he becomes dead. Fearlessness is the soul power of an eagle. An eagle fears not its prey of its size and strength. It always fights and does not yield to its opponent’s power and strength and always maintains its territory by fighting tooth and nail.

Mahatma Gandhi was fearless so he marched forward towards Dandi though he was well aware that the British soldiers might kill him or any of his followers at any time as the British soldiers were guarding the place. Mahatma Gandhi faced the British rulers head on. Because he knew Freedom is his birth right, his love, his soul, his devotion, his religion. He could not submit his freedom – the breathing energy of the soul – at the tyrant feet of the British Rulers. He became successful as he was fearless.

Tenacity : Fuel of Success

Have you ever seen an eagle when it is a storm? You will see that the meek, fearful and coward birds fly away with fear from the approaching storm: but an eagle fears not! It spreads its mighty wings and uses the storm energy not to destroy it but to soar to greater heights – Neither fear of disappearing in the sky nor fear of falling down from an azimuth.It sticks to its faith and fights well in all weather and season.

Life is interesting and worthwhile to live because it full of challenges – challenges which the weak sees as adversity but strong sees as an opportunity. Challenges are testing masters that we must face as leaders to rise to greater heights. Like an eagle, a leader can only rise to greater heights if he takes up the challenges head on without running away from it with the fear of being overrun by it. Stick to your objectives and aim in life. Your this tenacity will make you successful in your aim in life.

From Heaven to Down to Earth

Scientists have found that the Eagles can fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet. Still they can swiftly land on the ground.

Mahatma Gandhi as a leader was in very high state of consciousness but he equally mingled with all the down trodden people with divine love. He equally mingled with high British officials and poor Harijans at ease. Like the Eagle, he is the best example in treating all business in life from Heaven to Down to Earth.

Dead Meat? – A Taboo for Eagles

You will be surprized to note that the Eagles Never Eat Dead Meat! An Eagle is a Born King! King over all the weak and fearful. It only eats the meat it kills itself. It hates a beggar’s alms as a dead boy or kill that has been left out by another animal. It earns its living by its own efforts. This is the quality of a good innovative person. Have faith in yourself. Respect your identity whoever you are! Every person is a Unique Creation comparable with none. Eat not what others throw to you as a rotten meat to a stray dog!

Phoenix – You will be reborn

Like Phoenix, Eagles have a second life. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. When an eagle reaches about the age of 30 years, its physical body condition deteriorates fast making it difficult for survival. It is really interesting to note that the eagle never gives up living! No depression comes in its way. No yielding, no fatigue, no hopelessness. It knows where its strength lies. So it silently retreats to a mountaintop –look it does not hide in groove or hole for hibernation and surrender to fate  – and over a five month period goes through a metamorphosis. It knocks off its own beak, though painful, by banging it against a rock, plucks out its talons and then feathers. This painful destruction of unuseful, outdated and unworthy body parts does not go waste! Because re-growing of these removed body parts again takes place! It renovates and gives the eagle a prize of its painful efforts. It gets another life of 30 – 40 years! A new Phoenix is born out of the ashes of its processor!

There are times in one’s life where you may become depressed, despondent, weak as an individual. Never mind, never worry! Don’t let the hopelessness engulf you. Because hopelessness once given the opportunity to knock and enter your Soul’s Door, it will never go out! Look back and take stock of your life what you have done in your past life. When you give up your old habits of weakening yourself. You will regain your previous strength. You will be reborn with new vigour and strength like the Greek mythological bird Phoenix or the live example of the Eagle!

From the above discussions, I want to emphasise that if we, the Indians, are to live in this highly competitive world, we have to live like an Eagle, i.e. I mean to say





But story here does not end! Why? Because in the name of being Eagle – as history shows us repeatedly – people violates the very law of the land! Being a citizen of Sovereign India and an Advocate I am always a law abiding person. So do I want of you. We must respect our laws of the land and the very source of all the laws – The Constitution of India. As a person who follows religion is known as religious, as a person who follows spirituality is called spiritual, similarly a person who follows laws of the land  may be called a legal person. Hence, I want you to be not simply Eagle Indian but Legal Eagle Indian!





I, therefore, invite any person – who has the quality of tolerance, love to humanity, desire to better the life of the downtrodden – in any corner of the world of any gender, belief, creeds, customs, culture, caste, community, religion, profession, status, standing, position – to express their thoughts, feelings, experiences, expertise in my this humble eternal heaven of divine love and respect – which may be used to grow, develop, enrich not only our Mother Land but the whole World as whole. Accordingly, I have chosen my website name

With love and expectation for your reply,


Mrs. Dewasmita Das


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